The 3rd Part of the 4 posts series – This time only pictures – of what is probably the World’s Largest Open Air Art Carnival – an epic conglomeration of  art, creativity, religion and faith.

World renowned body painter and artist Sanatan Dinda decribes Durga Pujo as

” The biggest site specific installation arts in the world “

Crores of rupees are invested in idols, pandals, management and marketing.

Art lover or not you might hate the omnipresence of the crowd, but cannot stop falling in love with the beautiful, divine and creative works of art crafted by thousands of artists – people you will never know or might have heard of. 


Moving away for a while from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata to another city with a prominent pujo footfall – Mumbai. Below are two images I shot while my stay in Mumbai ( back in 2010 ).

The first one – the famous Pujo of Singer Abhijit ( who was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons ) and the seconds one that of the Mukherjee Family ( in case you were wandering, I meant Rani Mukherjee )


Last year also I missed the Pujo at Kolkata, but was able to witness a different flavor of the Pujo at Manali(HP), where Durga Puja is celebrated in conjunction to Navrathri at the same premise.

In the photograph below, there is the ‘Ram-Leela’ show going on at the permanent stage just beside the Puja Pandal.


And now hoping back from the Hills to the ever alive, Pujo Pagol city of Kolkata- a few images from the festive season of 2013.


This year Deshopriyo Park, chose to make the Tallest Durga (~ 50ft ) and steal the show. Unfortunately lack of proper management led to a backfire of the plan and it was recently in the media for all the wrong reasons.


Happy Pujo !!!

Stay Safe , Enjoy and help others Enjoy 🙂

Till next time ( I meant the next post – which is definitely on the Durga Puja Immersions – but this time from the Hills 🙂 )

Stay connected !!!

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