Souvik Dutta


With primary interests in Travel and Nature , my aim is to create visually enriching content in both color and monochrome.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, my first introduction to photography was through my father’s SLR.

An Engineer by education with a Job in IT, I bought my first point and shoot camera while in Mumbai during the first few months of my job. The aim was to capture two of Mumbai’s biggest festivals, Dahi Handi  and  Ganesh Chaturthi. The images did not turn out to be that good, but it got the job done.

My first DSLR was a wedding gift from my wife. With the new camera in hand and a city at my disposal I tried to capture moments from everyday life in the City of Joy. While some of the images turned out good, most were not as expected. Somewhere something was missing.

With the interest growing into obsession, I enrolled for formal training at Third Eye, Kolkata, but was deputed to the US from work before completing the course.

In the US, I tried to develop my own style and understanding of the art. Although week days were mostly spent with office work and domestic chores, weekends were for exploration and photography.

During mid 2016 I started participating in various international photography competitions like IPAP3XND AwardsUS Landscape Photographer of the YearNatGeo Travel Photographer of the yearNatGeo Nature Photographer of the year.

While some brought success, others brought lessons to be learnt which would help improve the art. The journey towards creative excellence continues.