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Steam in the Valley | Ohio

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Every year, during the end of September to start of October, weeks before it is covered in beautiful, colourful foliages of all hues, a 400 ton ‘beast’ chugs through the scenic valley of Cuyahoga National Park and provides visitors with an unique experience to cherish a lifetime.

Riding on this 400 ton of historic wonder I was left awestruck on my first ride of the Nickel Plate Road no. 765 last year and could not wait to share my experience of the same with everyone.

Ironically, with a major overhaul on way for my photo blog, things had to wait.

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A Day with Dali

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A visit to the only Artist Museum outside Europe that houses the largest collection of original works from Salvador Dali, one of the greatest names in art, rightfully known for his crazy and bizarre surrealistic works. Welcome to the Dali Museum at St Petersburg, Florida.

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The Last 2 Years | Catching Up

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Being decently active at maintaining and updating my blog at regular intervals (at least twice a month) to suddenly stopping adding new posts and then finally hanging up a maintenance page on it for almost a year and a half. It was not a random decision, definitely not an easy one.

So why do it ?

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