Good Morning Kolkata – Chapter 2

By April 12, 2015Kolkata Special

Good Morning Kolkata – Chapter 2 – is the second of a series of works in which I have tried to capture the many moods of the mornings around Kolkata’s largest whole sale market – Burrabazar

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When a trip to the Mullick Bazaar flower market did not turn out well, we (me and my cousin brother) decided to go for a walk through and around Kolkata’s largest whole sale market – Burrabazar ( Burrabazar is a Hindi word  meaning Big Market).

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 10

Strategically placed, with the Hoogly river and Howrah Station within a miles radius, the market place which was once a stronghold of the Bengali Businessmen and currently dominated by the Marwaris, is a lucrative haven for traders, shop owners and international brands.

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 2

A little more sleep before the start of a hectic day

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 1

Hand drawn Carts and Paddle Vans – getting ready for a busy day ahead

As we walked towards the market we came across this small and beautifully decorated temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Early morning at Kolkata 5

Tangled wires hang loosely and precariously from over worn out buildings which themselves are a standing witness to the city’s past.

Early morning at Kolkata 12

Look at the man’s expression 😛 – Relax !!! Its a camera … not a gun

Mornings in kolkata are synonymous with Gorom Kochuri – Alur Torkari and Jilapi ( Hot Kachuri with potatoe gravy and jalebi). So if you are hungry after a few steps of walking don’t deprive yourself of this heavenly, delightful and off course delicious combo.

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 9

Hot kachuri being prepared at a road side shop

Food Alert !!!

When in burrabazar don’t forget to check out the famous Marwari sweet shop Tiwari’s (Tiwari/Tewari brothers) – famous for its sweets and snacks made out of pure ghee.

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 7Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 6

Interesting Fact !!!

Sub-markets are clustered according to the category of items being sold. There are four main sub-markets – Dhotipatti, Chinipatti, Fancypatti and Tulapatti.

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 8

Wondering whats on the other side !!!

a truck driver at Kolkata Burabazar

Trucks form the lifeline of the ever expanding business

With passages extremely small and wires hanging everywhere, workers literally risk their lives at work.

Incidents of fires and mishaps are not uncommon, but still no change is visible to mitigate the infrastructural hazards that this place has to offer.

Probably waiting to be consumed by time, these narrow lanes and precariously standing buildings are among those handful of things that radiate the true essence of Kolkata, a true testament of the city’s birth and evolution.

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 11

a labourer carry goods to the go downs

Early morning at Burrabazar Kolkata 13

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