Good Morning Kolkata – Chapter 1

By February 13, 2015Kolkata Special

Kolkata never fails to amuse me ( and probably all of you who love capturing it in different Moods, Colors and frames ).

Good Morning Kolkata – Chapter 1 – is the first of a series of works in which I have earnestly tried to capture the misty, mysterious, interesting, exciting …. ( I better stop before I run out of adjectives) moods of my city during the early morning.

In this part I share my experience and photos about the walk around Kolkata Maidan or simply Maidan – “The Lungs of Kolkata”


Nothing beats the stress more than a cup of tea/coffee in one hand and your camera in the other, after a night out at office.

A Good morning walk, a few good shots and a cup of coffee for the tired soul – That’s in a line how the photo walk went.

With no one to accompany on ‘an early morning heist’ I was all by myself and although initially a bit apprehensive and hesitant about the safety (not my – but my Gear), soon the fear and apprehension converted to sheer excitement and exhilaration.

From the “ha ha hi hi ho ho” of the members of the laughter club to the “chai garam chai” of the chaiwala, from the dribble to the tackle of the ‘ Para r football club’ r ( local football club ), the early morning Religious gathering, the busy morning walker, the cheerful kid feeding the pigeons, the ‘bells and screeches’ of the trams, honking of buses … wow !!!

Where else a morning brings in so much of variety and color if not in Kolkata.


The Kolkata Maidan was created out by flattening a portion of the Village of Gobindapur ( one of the 3 villages merged to form the city of Kolkata) so as to give the canons of Fort Williams a clear line of Fire. Incidentally a larger portion of Gobindapur was demolished for the construction of the Fort Williams.

Interesting … Its’t it !!!


A child, accompanied by his father, feeding the pigeons


A Tram ride by the Maidan is a something you simply cannot afford to miss


Almost 2 kilometers of walk around Maidan and a few more to Park street. With the little energy I had left I managed a seat in one of the famous coffee shop chains for some freshly brewed Cappuccino. Bharer Cha ( Tea in a clay pot ) would have been cheaper :P, but then I badly needed a seat.


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