A Frozen Christmas in the Sunshine State

Hand-carved out of 2 Million pounds of ice depicting multiple holiday scenes from the 1965 animated television special – A Charlie Brown Christmas, the ICE Festival organised at the Gay Lord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee (near Orlando), Florida, is one of the most spectacular ‘winter’ events in all of the Sunshine state.

Here’s what wiki says about the ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’


A Charlie Brown Christmas is a 1965 animated television special based on the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. Produced by Lee Mendelson and directed by Bill Melendez, the program made its debut on CBS on December 9, 1965. In the special, lead character Charlie Brown finds himself depressed despite the onset of the cheerful holiday season. Lucy suggests he direct a neighborhood Christmas play, but his best efforts are ignored and mocked by his peers. After Linus tells Charlie Brown about the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown cheers up, and the Peanuts gang unites to celebrate the Christmas season.


Going with the name, the theme of this event is centered around Charlie Brown and his friends.


Throughout this entire post I will be sharing some Interesting Facts (IF) about this beautiful event (As collected from the place of the event)

IF#1  :  A 1500 square foot of cold room structure is built specially for this event and as previously mentioned more than 2 Million pounds of   ice are used for all the sculptures.

The entire structure is maintained at around 25 degrees Fahrenheit (~ -4 Degrees Celsius).

IF#2  :  10 Designers work around 1500 hours to give shape to this event. That counts for 11,160 hours of total carving time. ( Do not Forget to check out the Live Ice Sculpting video at the end of this post).

IF#3  :  This event runs for 52 days, during which carvers are present at the site to fix the sculptures and carvings as ice evaporates turning from solid to gas (without turning to liquid) at a rate of 1 cm a week.

The 11,160 hours of curving time is covered by 36 artists that include 10 detail carvers, 24 builders and 2 electricians.

The beautiful colorful carvings look like giant ice creams ready to be devoured, but be warned – No Touching, Licking or Sitting on the Ice (except for the slide) !!!


Check out this video

By the way, did you know : Harbin (China) is known as the Ice Carving Capital of the World.


Preparing for the event:


  • It’s essential to be properly dressed to be able to enjoy the event to the fullest. Heavy coats, covered & insulated footwear, woolen caps and gloves – Your 4 point check for complete comfort  and safety.
  • While coats are available for rent at the entrance, it’s preferable you bring your own to survive the 30 -45 minutes inside the sub zero environments.
  • I saw many parents with strollers carrying infants among the visitors. Just make sure they are properly covered against the elements.
  • Although kids might be more attracted to the double storied ice slide, it is strong and big enough to support the heaviest of adults (well not sure about yokozuna 😛 ). Dress accordingly if you want to avoid wet trousers.
  • Purchase your tickets online in advance to save a considerable amount on the ticket price


This is an event you do not want to miss, don’t trust me, check out this video.

For more details on the event and recent updates you can refer to the Event URL.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 😀

BTW.. That’s Ankur…is he cold or shy ???


Enjoy some more snaps of the beautiful hotel and Christmas decorations.


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