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Halloween in the Nation’s Oldest City

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The city of St Augustine has its fair share of interests and celebrations in the paranormal and Ghost folklore. Be it the late night ghost tours or paranormal tour of the famous lighthouse, if you love the spookiness around, you will not be disheartened.

So when Halloween descends upon the lanes and by-lanes of the nation’s Oldest city (Yes you read that right), it is thronged by hundreds of ‘ghosts’, ‘spirits’, the weird and the crazy.

As per history and the internet – “Founded in 1565 by the Spanish conquistador (adventurer) Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the contiguous United States.”

The history and architecture of the city is as interesting and beautiful as the city itself, but I will keep that for another post.  This one is for Halloween!

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Kumartuli to Jacksonville

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Ma Durga crosses the Atlantic to shower her blessings on the residents of Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville was my first place of stay in the US and I can easily call it my second home. So while all of my friends and family were enjoying the arrival of the ‘Mother and her Family’ in the City of Joy, I did not miss much of the fun, thanks to the efforts of so many people who made the Jax (as we lovingly call the city of Jacksonville) Durga Pujo possible.

This post is dedicated to their hard work and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Mayukh Da, for the write up.

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Devil’s Den | Snorkeling at Florida’s Pre-Historic Underground spring

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Right in the heart of North Florida lies an underground spring that contains ancient human and animal artifacts, rock formations with stalactites, fossil beds dating back 33 million years and maintains a water temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) round the year. The best thing about this place – You can take a swim in the pristine blue waters of this unique spring. But before you make your plan, few things you should know …

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