Few minutes with Canon’s First Full Frame Mirror-less

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A brief hands on with Canon’s first Full Frame Mirror-less, the EOS-R before it hits the shelves on October 9th.

Cameras have been getting smaller and more versatile than ever. While DSLRs still dominate the market, mirror-less are catching up fast.

So after Sony (being the market leader in full frame mirror-less cameras) it was Nikon and finally Canon caught up to the mirror-less game.

At times Canon can be really reserved and sluggish at delivering certain features for some of it’s most premium cameras, but generally when it does it is one of the best out there.

Being a Canon user myself I was pretty excited at the launch and when finally got a chance to get my hands on one before it actually hits the shelves, I could not be more excited.  Top of that, this was an actually working model and not a pre-production one.

A special thanks to team #pixelconnection  and #CanonUSA for bringing this together.

This is not a review or comparison post, rather a look at some of the features I really loved about the camera and some not that good (when compared its mirrored brother – the Canon EOS 5Dmk IV)

canon EOSR Souvik Dutta Photography

The Canon EOS R with the EF 50mm 1.2 attached via the adapter.

The 360 screen that the 5D is missing. It is still touch and very responsive.

The innovative ‘Touch Bar’ is in its nascent stage, but has great potential.


Changing lenses is no more a nightmare (say goodbye to Sensor dust)

The shutter closes down when the camera is turned off for changing lenses.


And now, some photographs shot within the shop with the EF 50mm 1.2.

All these are non edited shots and straight out of the camera JPEGs.

The EOS-R RAW files are .CR3 instead of the regular .CR2 and as of today none of the Adobe programs like Adobe PS, Light-room or the DNG converter can handle it.

I wish I could take it out for some more test shots.

Do note that this is not a pre-production model, but a fully working one.


The new 24-105 for EOS R has a control ring above the focus ring. It could be customized for a host of options.

So are you moving in to mirror-less yet  or holding on for a better version?

Do drop your thoughts as comments below.

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