Monsoon Melodies


Monsoon is here and so are the thundering clouds and the accompanying rains.

For long we have been relentlessly praying for this season, tired of the blazing heat from the unforgiving summer Sun.

This post is dedicated to the season of monsoon, it’s varying moods, colors and melodies from certain parts of the country as well as from the coziness and comfort of home sweet home 🙂

The post is a bit long & loaded with lots and lots of Photographs of varying moods and I am confident you won’t find it boring for a minute 🙂

Join me on this journey of the Monsoon Melodies Starting from my City of Joy.

Clouds over Kolkata Second Hoogly Bridge1Man with umbrella in Rains - Kolkata

Here Rains not only means Relief or Romantic Getaways, but also action packed Football on the muddy patches of  Maidan or some diving action along the Ghats of the river Hoogly.

Kids playing football at Maidan Kolkata during MonsoonClouds formation over the Kolkata Ghats

But that’s again not the only things to do this monsoon. Get atop a really high building and be ready to welcome the clouds and the rainbows that are arriving as Messengers of Relief.

Capture the Cloudscapes ( something like landscapes only with no land but clouds ) that add to the dynamism and beauty of the monsoon sky.

Cloudscape above the Kolkata Sky during Monsoon

You can also stand at one part of the city and witness the Rain-Gods thundering over the other part.Trust me it’s an awesome view and experience.

Like here, if you look closely at the below photograph you can find it raining above the Second Hoogly Bridge while I stand here miles away near the Howrah Bridge 🙂

Rain clouds above the Kolkata Sky during Monsoon

And once the rains are gone you have the beautiful Rainbow lighting up the sky and all you can do is watch it and praise the beauty of Mother Nature ( Of-course don’t forget to click).

Rainbow above the Kolkata Skyline during Monsoon

But all the rain and thunderstorms can really cut down on the mobility where you get stuck within the four walls of your home and all you can do is watch the clash of the clouds through your windows – or is it so?

Look around, you will always have something going around that might be worth the shot. Like the below photographs taken at my roof top garden.

Fresh leaves post rains at Kolkata during MonsoonFresh Flowers post rains at Kolkata during MonsoonFresh Flowers post rains at Kolkata during Monsoon

Moving on from the earthly mortals to the Divine Almighty. Even the Gods and Goddesses – the controller of this universe need some mortal intervention to have themselves protected from the wrath of their Thundering counterparts.

Don’t trust me? have a look yourself.

Be it Devi – the caring Mother or Ganesha – the remover of obstacles, everyone needs a helping hand 🙂

Durga Idol covered up at Kumartuli during MonsoonGanesha Idols covered up at Mumbai during Monsoon

Now once again coming back among the mortals, lets move around to some distant places – outside Kolkata or Bengal and take a look at some photographs of the Monsoon Melodies there.

For example let’s start with Peling ( A small town some 115 kms from Gangtok, Sikkim)

The time we arrived here it was pre-monsoons. Random clouds covering up the entire landscape followed by rains. People arrive here to get a clear view of the Kanchenjunga – one of the highest peaks in the Himalayan Range.

Rains here literally saved our day as had it not rained, the sky was something like this.

Clouds cover the sky at Peling, Sikkim during Monsoon

Thanks to the shower, the next morning we were greeted by a wonderful and vibrant view of the kanchenjunga.

Kanchenjunga view from Peling, Sikkim during Monsoon

As the day went on and rains swept in again, we were out for a drive. It was a beautiful sight seeing the kids going to schools tucked in rain coats and under umbrellas that out-sized them.

Kids walking to school in Rains at Peling during Monsoon

There are also certain places where Monsoon changes the entire landscape. Like Lonavala – a small hill station in Pune. Monsoon adds a zing to this place and tourists throng in large numbers just to enjoy the bliss of the season.

Monsoon at Lonavala Pune

Although Heavy rains and lightening also make driving a risk.

Thunderstrike at Lonavala Pune

As we move towards the end of this journey, let’s come back where we started from – Our City of Joy – Kolkata.

Looks like once the Gods are done with their outburst with thundering Rains, winds and clouds … they sit back, relax and like an artist with an blank canvas and a pallet  full of colors, start painting the skies with various Hues and Tones.

What else would you probably conclude from the beauty of the post-shower skies?

Red sky post rains at Kolkata during MonsoonKolkata Horizon after the Rains during Monsoon

Once again before finally wrapping up …. Wishing you a Happy Monsoon and Happy Clicking.

Monsoon Melodies at Matheran

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