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By May 23, 2015Kolkata Special
“The Great Nature Project is a worldwide celebration of our planet’s natural wonders and a huge scientific undertaking to document the Earth’s incredible biodiversity.
People of all ages, from all corners of the world, are invited to help National Geographic contribute to our understanding of the diverse life on our planet.”
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A Jewel Bug at Rajarhat Newtown

 DCP has been organizing nationwide photo walks to support the global snapshot of bio-diversity for National Geographic’s “The Great Nature Project” 

In Kolkata, DCP had organized photo Walks for 2 days ( May 16 and 17 ) across 4 different locations –

  • Saltlake Central Park (May 16)
  • Shyamkhola (May 16)
  • CKBS ( Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary) (May 17) &
  • Rajarhat (May 17)

I joined the team at Rajarhat on the 17th of May.

[Below] A Panoramic View of Rajarhat MarshLand.

A Panoramic View of Rajarhat MarshLand

It was a one of a kind experience. The very road I travel by every day of the week on my way to office and its surroundings presented itself in an all new avatar.

I was not aware of the rich diversity of Flora and Fauna that this place has in store.

The vast Grasslands and Marshlands were holding a treasure for bird lovers and photographers.

An OpenBill Stork at The Great Nature Project RajarhatWalking through the Grasslands at Rajarhat NewtownThe Great Nature Project_6The Great Nature Project_5

Lead by our skipper Somnath and a couple of experienced photographers we marched along the road that lead to the grasslands behind the Financial Center – Just opposite to the Newtown Eco Park).

The weather was calm and cloudy, thanks to the heavy downpour the day before.

The Great Nature Project_8 The Great Nature Project_10 The Great Nature Project_7

We had started early in the morning and for almost 4 hours we kept hunting for subjects and to be frank we weren’t let down 🙂

The Great Nature Project_11

Time for a bath !!!

The Great Nature Project_12The Great Nature Project_9

Check out the group photo 🙂

[ Photo courtesy – Somnath Chakraborty ]

The Great Nature Project_1

Thank you National Geographic for the Great Nature Project and Team DCP for this wonderful experience.

The Great Nature Project_13

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